Season 1 NPCs

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Alton Hael

Leader (Crown) of the Guild of the Phoenix. Does not wear desk armor.


An Elven Archer trying to work her way up in the Guild of the Phoenix.


Owner and bartender of the Smiling Lute tavern in Cloudfall.


A Warforged inventor that equips the Guild of the Phoenix.

Barker (Kenku)

A kenku the party harassed and led to believe they poisoned them. Now works with Rylie.

Michael O’Malley

Owner/Operator of O’Malley’s bar and other businesses in Taborongo.

Billy O’Malley

Michael’s son, age 5 at the time of the campaign.

Jean Ashley Basteux

A cunning business man and bastard. Rival of O’Malley.


City Leader of the Guild of the Bear for Taborongo.


Gnash’s Dragonborn Second-in-Command.


A kobold “inventor” located and official creator of the “Venomizer 5000”

The Faceless Man

A mysterious person that appears to be an agent of The Devourer.

Madeline AKA Birdfeed

A villain who’s fate was for the birds.

Rico & Fleeko Barcalow

Two inept brothers that can’t seem to make it out of the lowest rank of the Guild of the Phoenix.

Quico “River” Clearwater

A Ribbitan assistant for the College of Balia. Friend of Carza.


Headmaster of the College of Balia. Magically inclined, infernally marked.

Professor Sparkle of Light

A Tabaxi magic teacher specializing in Divination magic.

Bold Wish

A Guild of the Panther sect leader in Balia. Member of the Cunning of the Panther.


The head of the Guild of the Bear. Surprising young. Surprisingly strong.


The head of the Guild of the Panther. He was one of few who saw the true potential of Bashenga.

The Mountain

The halfling that used to be the head of the Guild of the Bear. Now works more so as an emissary of the guild.


Sammael’s dark patron. Lawful evil, but intentions not fully known.

The Oynx Marchioness

The name mentioned at the end of Season 1 by The Faceless Man. Seems she beat him to the punch.