Season 1 heroes

10 years after the initial events of Season 0, a new threat lingered over the heads of those in the Southern Continent. The first to discover the threat was The Guild of the Phoenix, who appointed our heroes as the experts in dealing with this matter.


Sammael (Yuan-Ti Pureblood - Warlock | Hexblade)

Played by Rob Zoeller. Sammael is a part of the Guild of the Phoenix’s wet works division, known as Talons. With a little help from his patron, Umera, Sammael has quickly shot up the ranks into Alton Hael’s trust.

Although efficient, Sammael clearly shows a darker side, even more so than his other Talon members. The question is which would he serve more: his guild, his patron, or himself?


Ralf (Firbolg - Cleric | Life Domain)

Played by Allan Singson. Ralf was a norm… Ralf was a… Ralf’s a Firbolg. Socially awkward in nature, but a savant in NATURE, Ralf quickly rose to heroic status by being in the right place at the right time. With his blessings from his god, Chauntea, Ralf has used his power to help people, animals, and plants to the best of his abilities.

Through unknown circumstances, he ended up in the ranks of The Guild of the Phoenix and was even promoted to Flame, signifying that he was more than the average recruit.


Murmur (Tiefling - Bard | College of Whispers)

Played by Tony Pisano. It had been a hard 10 years for Murmur. After fleeing the Northern Continent due to his failed mission and other troubles, he ended up in a bar in the Southern Continent city of Cloudfall.

Unfortunately, this was the wrong bar at the wrong time, and his curiosity got the better of him as he joined the Guild of the Phoenix members on a small excursion. After that, he was conscripted into the guild and dragged further into the chaos.


Bashenga (Tabaxi - Ranger | Beastmaster / Druid)

Played by Scott Newbill. Bashenga and his panther animal companion, Vysarus, were found in the tunnels between Cloudfall and Lo. After being rescued, Bashenga joined the party as they attempted to prevent the reawakening of The Devourer.

Bashenga is a Grace of the Panther, the more martial branch of The Guild of the Panther. He used his enhanced strength to hurl his tridents and chakrams around the battlefield and provided a more noble perspective to the party outside of combat.