Season 0 heroes

They came, they saw, they screwed up a lot of things and most of them got killed. When Almost Heroic originally debuted, we went with a Youtube series that lasted 8 episodes. While most of their stories may have been lost to time, we still have the old archive of us doing our very first attempt at a Dungeons & Dragons series.


Kade (Human - Psionic)

Played by Rob Zoeller. Kade was a rather dumb child who never really knew his parents and ended up spending most of his childhood going through the system.

After being picked up by a mysterious Psionic named Ghost, Kade was fashioned into a formidable Psionic himself. Twenty years passed and his mentor went missing, only leaving a trail of psychic messages in the form of vegetables in his wake.


Murmur (Tiefling - Bard | College of Whispers)

Played by Tony Pisano. Abandoned as a baby, Murmur was taken in by a man named Baron Solomon. Instead of a kind father figure, Baron was a business man seeking a new venture, and found that in the boy. Murmur was made to perform circus-esque tricks for coin, and treat like nothing more than a common pet.

However, after years of this servitude, Murmur was taken from Baron by Duke Michael Brennan, a member of the local College of Whispers sect. He was trained to become one of their own: to learn the way of the nobles, the secrets of magic, and how to exploit them both.


Fiji Puddles (Water Genasi - Cleric | Light Domain)

Played by Allan Singson. Fiji was born a prince in the Elemental Plane of Water and was next in line to become the Emperor, born to shoulder the responsibilities of his father when his time should come.

The Earth and Water planes were set for an arranged marriage between Fiji and a Princess of an Earth Clan, but he had other intentions. Still yearning to adventure and explore new lands, Fiji escaped to the Elemental Plane of Fire, found asylum in a local church, and became a cleric who was sent on a pilgrimage to the Material Plane,


Inferno (Half-Orc - Fighter | Champion)

Played by Mathew Mousallam. Inferno was a normal, happy Half-Orc child before the raid on his village. His father clutched him close as they fled the town, sprinting toward the nearby boats.

With the city in flames, his father sacrificed his own life in order to give the ships enough time to escape with young Inferno in tow. Now, older and ostracized for his race, Inferno knows one thing better than anyone around him: the price of violence and how to see it paid.