Meet the Fantasy Banjo Team


Patrick Tracy

A dungeon master for 10 years and a writer for longer, Patrick Tracy has always had a desire to share stories of fiction and wonder with the world around him. Finding his niche in comedy and tabletop roleplaying games, he uses his powers for good (mostly) and to entertain/educate those who follow!

Patrick can be found as the Dungeon Master for Almost Heroic, a player for Vinyl City PD, a host for ASK THE GODDAMN DM, and being a pun pusher/meme master on his Twitter account: TheGoddamnDM.


Rob Zoeller

Rob can be found as a player on Almost Heroic, as a DM on Vinyl City PD, and as a cohost of Bytes N’ Brews. With a penchant for creative outlets, he dabbles with art, music, streaming, and most any other way to express his creativity. You can catch rob on Twitter and Instagram as @BytesNRobz.


Tony Pisano

Tony fell in love with the art of storytelling from a very young age and has explored the craft ever since. Originally intending to pursue a career in the film industry, Tony eventually got disenfranchised with the “Hollywood Dream” and instead found his niche in combining his passion for storytelling with his interests in gaming. Now a new media creator, Tony’s primary goal in life is to inspire and entertain through the various forms of user generated content platforms available to the masses. When not telling stories, Tony enjoys reading them and is an avid consumer of fantasy novels. His favorite authors are Brandon Sanderson, Brent Weeks, and Patrick Rothfuss. Oh and he occasionally likes a drink or two… or ten.

Tony can be found as an adventurer on ALMOST HEROIC, a gamer on BYTES N’ BREWS, a cohost on ASK THE GODDAMN DM, and most local pubs.



Whitney Perkins

This is where Whitney’s bio would go, IF SHE HAD ONE!


Allan Singson

We honestly don’t know where he came from or what he does. He just appears in time to play Ralf and Dug on Almost Heroic. Very spooky.