The World of Almost Heroic

Welcome to the world notes for the Almost Heroic world setting! This will give you a brief overview of the previous seasons, previous characters, and some notable NPCs they’ve met along the way!

World Map

Commission from  RenFlowerGrapx .

Commission from RenFlowerGrapx.

This is the known world, thus far, that makes up our Material Plane.

As of Season 2, interactions between the two continents has been limited to some minor trade, relocation of citizens, and a little bit of tourism (primarily to Tabarongo).

The NORTHERN CONTINENT is defined mostly by magical technology, including an increasing number of airships. The content as a whole is under the leadership of those in New Polperro, and law is enforced by the Northern Continent Royal Army (NCRA). At this time, there is some racial tension against half-orcs due to a recent large scale war against a combined war band of orcs.

The SOUTHERN CONTINENT is under the protection of three guilds that stake their claim in different regions of the land: The Guild of the Phoenix, The Guild of the Bear, and The Guild of the Panther. In recent history, they had an incursion attempt by Yeenoghu that was thwarted thanks to the sacrifice of the citizens of Waribee to Asmodeus.

Our Heroes

The Devourer Saga

Season 0

Artwork by  Kelsey Dutton

Artwork by Kelsey Dutton

Season 1

Artwork by  RadPuppeteer

Artwork by RadPuppeteer

Season 2

Artwork by  TjuringaToons

Artwork by TjuringaToons

The Cimmerian Saga

Season 3

Artwork By  Lluis Abadias

Artwork By Lluis Abadias

Notable NPCs